What is The Daniel Academy?


Founded in August 2010, The Daniel Academy of Concord is a private school licensed by the State of North Carolina. We are a K4-12 Family Partnership Private School (FPPS) serving Cabarrus County and the surrounding areas.

We are combining several key components into The Daniel Academy: excellent academic teachers; a focus on prayer; personal excellence and growth; biblical studies; and parental oversight and authority. God gave your children to you . . . not us. We strongly believe that parents are and should be the ultimate earthly authority in their children's lives. Their education is so important. You are called by God to be a part of it.

What is a Family Partnership Private School?

The FPPS educational model is a shared dual commitment between academic classroom instructors and parental oversight at home. Both of these areas of instruction need to be fully operating to ensure success for your student. This is not a home school or home school support coop - and we are a fully licensed as a private school in compliance with the state of NC DNPI Standards.

Parental Involvement

  • Elementary (Grades K-5) - Parents are actively involved, fulfilling the role of a private tutor and sitting with their students during home-study times. This ensures comprehension and follow through of work assigned.
  • Junior High (Grades 6-8) - Parents help their students transition from direct parental oversight, to monitoring assigned work for the classroom teacher. While less hands-on, parents are a support system to provide accountability and help with follow-through. In this season parents are a guide to help their students become independent learners.
  • Senior High (Grades 9-12) - Students should now be preparing for autonomous learning. Parents will monitor the status of grades and work done from time to time, allowing the students to learn faithfulness and accountability to their classroom teachers.

There may be a transition in time management for students coming from a traditional 5 day-a-week school. During this transition we strongly counsel parents to be aware and proactive with their students, in support of their development and success.

Vision & Purpose


Our purpose is to gather like-minded families desiring to pursue God and raise children in a Daniel life-style - one of prayer, consecration, excellence in learning, and with marvelous comrades. Our goal is to develop students who are well-educated and trained in all manner of schooling and equally educated in spiritual understanding, fully equipped for the times we live in.

Family Partnership Private School

The Daniel Academy has a very specific focus and will not meet every family’s need. Parents are expected to be fully engaged in overseeing their student’s education, cooperating teachers to complete homework during times when we are not in class. We are seeking families who are fully committed to bringing forth this “dual education” of natural and spiritual studies.

Becoming A Daniel

The Daniel Academy is a unique school designed to develop present day Daniels who will understand the times and influence society. We seek to develop students who are well educated and trained in both academics and spiritual understanding, cultivating pure hearts, endowed with discernment, and having the ability to serve in the courts of the present day kings (Daniel 1:4). We desire for our students to be trained in “governmental intercession” (Daniel 9), learning to hear God’s voice and transforming cities and nations through prayer and strategic placement by Him.

Natural Wisdom

We train our students in natural wisdom, seeking to understand the God of Creation, learning His ways and studying His works in all aspects of life (science, mathematics, literature, writing, critical thinking, understanding of world views, leadership training, etc.) (Proverbs 3:19)

Spiritual Wisdom

We train our students in spiritual wisdom, cultivated in a lifestyle of prayer, a fasted lifestyle, and waiting on God. We want to understand all kinds of visions and dreams as Daniel did, seeking God for the answers from heaven (Daniel 1:17, 5:12).

7 Mountains of Influence

Our goal is to see our students fully equipped to go into the “7 Mountains of Influence”: family, education, government/ law, economy (business, sciences and technology), arts/ entertainment/ sports, media, religion. Some students may be planted full time in a house of prayer changing the world through governmental intercession, while others will be equipped to bring influence as Daniel did actually planted in a certain sphere of life. For more information on the "7 Mountains Mandate", please watch this video of Lance Wallnau.



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